Presenting: Aplace Archive x Adnym Atelier

Aplace Archive is a concept where we offer you great prices on brands’ previous seasons. This is part of our constant work towards a more circular fashion consumption, as our firm belief is that garments and gadgets should be loved, worn, cared for and used. Come by our stores in Brunogallerian and/or Malmö where we from today and all summer long dedicate spaces to Aplace Archive!

Next up – Adnym Atelier. In 2016, Johni Tadi, Stefan Söderberg and Frippe Persson got together and created Adnym Atelier – a brand that stands for progression, timeless design, quality and unisex cuts.

We have, as we do, gone through the hide away over at Adnym and have picked out best from previous seasons.

Come by our shop at Brunogallerian and shop Adnym Atelier!

Aplace Archive x Klättermusen

First up is the Swedish brand Klättermusen, that was founded by a group of local climbers in Åre, Sweden in 1975. What started as a small DIY workshop grew into a company that still to this day supplies outdoor enthusiasts with high quality clothing and equipment. We’ve gone through the archives over at Klättermusen and picked out the best from previous seasons which we now sell at great prices in our Archive spaces.

Welcome to our shops in Malmö or in Stockholm to shop previous seasons!