Styling: Per Götesson
Photography: Joseph Echenique
Models: Charlie Osborne & Jason Minar
Assistants: Freja Wesik

All clothes from Per Götesson

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Everybody same shit!

Anfa’s first release “Fukk it” is about her love/hate relationship with social media. Today the music video drops! WATCH IT here below!

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Wood Wood's extraordinaire comeback

When the Danish brand heads back home to Copenhagen Fashion Week for SS20 they leave no one untouched.

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We have gathered our favorite duos to find out how they met and how they keep their bond.


We have a huge crush on this sustainable fashion baby

Rave Review

First out are Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, the founders of the Swedish brand Rave Review, whose upcycle design has received a lot of international attention. So naturally, we were curious about how their baby Rave Review came about.

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Anfa & Maria Lashari

The artist/model Anfa Lashari and the art director/manager Maria are more than just sisters, they also work together. Their relationship is “love on another level”.

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Bread & Butter kind of love

Emine Sander & Frippe Persson

Co-founder of ADNYM ATELIER, Frippe Persson and stylist Emine Sander on how the first met.


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Tinder game <3

Kristofer Andersson & Elin Lilleman Eriksson

11 003 Tinder messages later and this columnist Kristofer Andersson and film producer Elin Lilleman Eriksson became hitched.

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APLACE Magazine

After the Anthropocene

Artistic Direction: Per Götesson
Photography & Styling: Michelle Helena Janssen & Ade Udoma
Hair: Sam Roman
Make up: Stevie Squire
Models: Nassia @Troy Agency & Stevie
Assistants: Johanna Larsson & Freja Wesik

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Manasi 7 at
Manasi 7 at
Manasi 7 at

Better Beauty

Manasi 7 is an organic skin care- and make up brand founded by make-up artist Susanne Manasi. Her long background in the beauty business gives her the knowledge on how to enhance the skin in a natural way. We asked Susanne a few questions about how to use the products. 

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