Gant Rugger

Inspired by hipsters and 60's the designer of Gant Rugger, Christopher Bastin, update the preppy look and calls it ”Nouveau Prep”. In creating clothes, Gant Rugger focuses on the details, materials and feed – elements that they consider crucial to menswear.

Christoffer Bastin


"Timeless style looks good on everyone. Trends look good on Kanye West... for about four minutes"

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Gant Rugger
R1. Embroidered Denim Shirt
188 EUR94 EUR
Gant Rugger
R1. Denim Shirt Jacket
156 EUR78 EUR
Gant Rugger
R. The Textured Shirt Jacket
359 EUR180 EUR
Gant Rugger
R1. Achilles Semi Light Blue
125 EUR63 EUR
Gant Rugger
R1. Solid Textured Crew
136 EUR68 EUR
Gant Rugger
R1. The Organic Waffle Striped
115 EUR58 EUR
Gant Rugger
R. Nep Cardigan
170 EUR85 EUR
Gant Rugger
R3. Linen Slack
174 EUR87 EUR
Gant Rugger
R3. Solid Cotton Linen LFBD
113 EUR57 EUR
Gant Rugger
R3. Boucle Micro Stripe SS
103 EUR52 EUR
Gant Rugger
R1. The Embroidered Crew
178 EUR89 EUR
Gant Rugger
R. LS Rugger
Sold out
Gant Rugger
R2. Eat Your Greens Tee
62 EUR31 EUR