Our concept New Breed was created with the purpose to highlight young, conceptual designers and brands. Now we're happy to present three new designers at APLACE.


After Anders Haal's studies on Beckmans designhögskola he got a job with Ann-Sofie BACK. After a few years working with the iconic fashion creator, he realized that fashion was his calling. Shortly after, he founded his own brand. HAAL's designs makes us think about fire, air, earth and water. The classic elements, but with a rethinking interpretation. The clothes are often sewn with transparent materials and oversized fits.


Nette Sandström grew up in Härnösand and graduated from Textilhögskolan i Borås before she started working as a freelance designer. All this time she worked hard to build her own brand, and the result were NAND that was founded in 2014. Before NAND, Nette was working for big brands such as H&M and WEEKDAY and created clothes for artists like Snook, Veronica Maggio and Noonie Bao. The design makes you think about layout and architecture.

Nhu Duong

Nhu Duong have lived and worked all around the world. She was born in Vietnam and immigrated to Sweden as a 7-year-old. Her fashion studies started in Florence, and continued on Beckmans designhögskola in Stockholm. Today Nhu Duong is based in Berlin. Designing is equal to experimenting for Nhu Duong, and her creations often consist of layers, plastic, lace and text prints.