We´re picking up your pre-loved items for free

Welcome to our second hand space of APLACE where you, our customers, can hand in your clothes and get paid when they are sold.

We encourage you to clean out your wardrobe. Do you have Raf, Ganni, Acne Studios, Rodebjer or other goodies? We now have the possibility to pick up your garments and gadgets for free!

To make it easier for you to let us sell your previous favorites, we’re now launching a campaign where we will pick up your things in Stockholm and Malmö. In other words, a perfect opportunity to finally clean out your wardrobe.

Take one picture per product and send it to secondhand@aplace.com, enter “submission” in the subject line.

Specify the brand, size, material and condition / remarks, and any request for a prize.

– Don’t forget your contact details including address for pick up.

– To be eligible for free collection via Airmee, the submission must contain at least 10 approved garments.

The garments must be nice, clean and in season (we don’t accept thick winter jackets and other winter garments).

– We will contact you to determine pick up and what garments we accept.

– Your part of the sales is based on the garment’s price.
SEK 0 – 2,000 = 40% 2,000-4,000 sek = 50% 4,000- 6,000 sek = 60% Over 6,000 sek = 70%.

– All submitted garments are registered in our system and you receive an email at every sale where you can easily follow your garments. All submitted garments will hang in stores for at least 60 days (compared to normal 30), which increases the possibility that your garments will be sold.


If you have any questions or funding for submissions, please email us at secondhand@aplace.com or contact us via instagram @aplacedotcom. Please read more about our used venture below!


We will make a selection and welcome whole, clean garments from both Scandinavian designers but also from international fashion brands. We do this for mother earth and as a part of our quest to become more circular.

If you have any questions, please contact us at secondhand@aplace.com.

Warm welcome!

//////////////// Q&A //////////////////

Tell me more!

Our ambition is to be Swedens most interesting second hand destination. We also want to create a nice setting and experience when you, as a customer, come in and hand in your previous favourite garments or visit us to make a bargain. You make an important contribution to the environment and will be treated accordingly!

What garments do you sell?

We sell garments from all the brands we normally sell in our APLACE stores as well as international luxury and high end brands. From Wood Wood and Hope to Prada and Vetements! We also include some specific garments from chains like COS and & Stories.

What garments do we not want?

We do not accept garments that smell, are dirty or that cannot be sold in other ways. We also do not want purely sports garments, garments from low-price or fast fashion chains or garments that we feel are too untrustworthy. We also only accept garments that fit into the current season. We are also relatively restrictive when it comes to vintage garments.

How and where is the submission made?

Either in our two shops in Stockholm which is Hornstull, Långholmsgatan 19 or our flagship at Brunogallerian , Götgatan 36 or in our Malmö location at Davidshallsgatan 14. We prefer submissions everyday excepts Saturdays.

What will the garments cost?

If you have specific ideas about what your garments should cost, you are welcome to tell us, otherwise we will undertake to set a suitable price. If the garment is not sold within 30 days, we claim the right to reduce the price by 20% if we consider that then the garment will be sold.

What is my share of sales?

You keep 40-60% of the sales, depending on the garment’s price.

On garments with a retail price below 2000 sek you get 40%.

On garments with a retail price over 2000 sek you get 50% if the garment is sold within 30 days. After this period, your margin will be 40%.

On garments with a retail price over 4000 SEK you get 60%

On garments with a retail price over 6000 SEK you get 70%

What happens when I submit my garments?

Then we create a customer card in our business system and register all your garments. You then get an email every time a garment is sold to keep track of how your garments are doing!

What happens after the sales period (30 days)?

If the garment is still not sold after 30 days, we will reduce the price by 20% if we believe that this should make the garment sold, otherwise we will give it away. In some cases, we also send garments between our stores to increase the opportunities to sell your submitted garments.

Unclaimed garments are donated directly to charity after the end of the sales period.

How do the payments work?

You either get paid via bank transfer or you can choose to get a store credit to shop for in all our stores (not online though) and then we add 20% on the actual amount!

You are responsible for contacting your account details within 12 months to receive your payments. Our finance department makes payments on a weekly basis (usually Thursdays). Please note that we do not pay any amounts older than 12 months for accounting reasons.

Warm welcome to our own second hand space and hopefully we soon get the honor to sell your previous favourites!